European Financial Management Association
2011 Annual Meetings
June 22- 25, 2011
Braga, Portugal

2011 "Merton H. Miller" Doctoral Students Seminar
June 22, 2011
Braga, Portugal

2011 Doctoral Seminar Location

School of Business and Management
University of Minho, Campus De Gualtar, CP II (Pedagogical Complex II)
4710-057 Braga, Portugal;

Conference Presentations:
Laptops will be Available in all Rooms for Conference Presentations.

Dear Colleague:
As part of the European Financial Management Association 2011 annual meetings, the European Financial Management journal will organize its 14th annual seminar for advanced Finance Doctoral Students who are currently working on their dissertation. This one day seminar is expected to be very valuable for the students who are interested to keep up with the recent developments in the finance literature and interact with leading scholars of the finance profession. Past participants include Professors Michael. C. Jensen, Hayne Leland, Martin Gruber, Richard Roll, Geert Rouwenhorst, Mark Rubinstein, Kent Daniel, Steve Ross, Lisa Meulbroek, Shmuel Kandel, Ian Cooper, Benjamin Esty, John Doukas, Harisson Hong, Heitor Almeida, Yakov Amihud, Avanindhar Subrahmanyam, Jeffrey Wurgler, and Randall Morck among others. Less than 20 students will be accepted to the program. All participating students will receive a Certificate of Participation. To apply, a student (or his/her faculty advisor) should fill out the attached form and attach (2) copies of a three to five page dissertation proposal or abstract and send the material to me by email before December 20, 2010. All applications will be reviewed and invitations will be extended to student applicants by January 30, 2011. The program's format will consist of workshops featuring distinguished members of the finance profession, discussing corporate finance, asset pricing market micro structure, international finance, and financial institutions and intermediation, plus aspects of academic publishing and career development. An informal luncheon will follow the workshops. Small groups of students and tutors will be formed to discuss each student's dissertation topic, methodology and intended contribution. At the end of the day we will have a reception with all participants. I hope that you will bring this to the attention of your students and that you will select an applicant from your Ph.D. program.


John Doukas
Fax: (757) 481-7009