European Financial Management Association
2019 Annual Meetings
June 26-29, 2019
University of Azores, Ponta Delgada, Island of S. Miguel, Portugal

The Submission Process Start date is   SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
The Deadline for Paper Submission is   JANUARY 15, 2019

To submit your paper for the Annual Meetings a submission fee ($30) per paper is required once you complete a paper submission. To submit a 2nd paper you need to pay $60.

If you fail to pay the exact submission fee, you will not receive a receipt and this means that your paper cannot be processed for the meetings

The paper submission fee is non-refundable

A receipt will be emailed to you when the payment process is completed. If you do not receive a receipt within the next 48hours, email to Dr. John Doukas at:

Very Important Note: Kindly READ and comply with the following Notes before Submitting your Paper

Submit Papers in PDF Format Only Immediately after the Completion of the Payment Form.
[Complete paper & Anonymous paper (2 pdf files)]
Note1: Multiple submissions by any author (whether joint or single-authored) will reduce the chance that any of their papers will be on the program
Note2: If you or your co-author/s cannot attend the meetings to present the paper, please do not submit your paper.
Note3: When you upload your paper, please fill out all the REQUIRED fields marked with an (*) for a successful submission (i.e., Categories*, Category 2nd Choice*, Category 3rd Choice*, Category 4th Choice*, Keywords of your paper*, Permission* (Yes) and Registration* (Yes).

Note: If you want to make changes to your paper after your submission, please email Anoop Reddy Ananthula ( and we will upload your updated file.