European Financial Management Association
2022 Annual Meetings
June 29 - July 02, 2022
Campus Bio-Medico University, Rome, Italy

Accommodation price by night
Distance from Conference Venue
4 star
Hotel American Palace
Via Laurentina / Eur
Single Room € 105.00,Double € 118.00
Distance 7.5 Km, 12 min by car
4 star
Shangri La
Viale Algeria / Eur
Single Room € 90.00, Double Room € 110.00
Distance 8.1 Km, 11 min by car
4 star
Viale dell'Oceano Pacifico / Eur
Single Room € 125.00/ 80€, Double Room € 155.00/ € 100.00
Distance 8.6 Km, 12 min by car
4 star
Sheraton Parco de' Medici
Viale Salvatore Rubecchini
Single Room € 100
Distance 11.3 Km, 14 min by car
4 star
Hotel Colombo
Via Cristoforo Colombo / Eur
Single Room € 105.00, Double Room € 118.00
Distance 7.5 Km, 10 min by car
4 star
Ibis Styles Roma EUR
Viale Egeo 133 /EUR
Single Room € 100.00, Double Room € 130.00
Distance 8.9 Km, 15 min by car
4 star
Hotel Royal Bissolati
Via Leonida Bissolati, 40/Centro
Single Superior € 120.00, Single Deluxe € 130.00
Distance 19.8 Km, 37 min by car
4 star
Ludovisi Palace Hotel
Via Ludovisi, 43 / Centro
Single room €150.00 / €170.00, Single room Executive € 220.00
Distance 19 Km, 39 min by car
4 star
Triviho Hotel
Triviho Hotel
Single or Double € 130.00
Distance 18.7 Km, 37 min by car

Note 1: Hotel Links have been included for convenience only and should not be taken as an endorsement by Campus Bio-Medico University

Note 2: The conference organization will provide a shuttle from the subway station Laurentina (line B) and from all the conference hotels to the conference venue. The shuttle service must be booked with the conference app and the service will be provided for reaching the university before the starting day of activities and after the end of all the sessions scheduled for the day. The detailed time scheduling will be provided on the App and the time of the travels cannot be adjusted based on the specific need of each participant. The shuttle service is provided by the University Campus Bio-Medico.
If for any reason you miss booking or using the shuttle, you can reach from the Laureantina Station (Line B) the University by using the line 72 (the University stop will be “Alessandrini”). The trip by bus is about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the traffic and there is bus scheduled every 20 minutes. For further information about the time scheduling, the cost of the tickets and the rules for using public transportation in Rome see the public transportation Website.
At the end of the Gala Dinner a shuttle service will be provided to all the hotels in the list, Participants have to book in advance the trip to the Gala Dinner location through the App. On the evening of the Gala dinner a shuttle service will be provided to the dinner from University Campus Bio Medico.