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European Financial Management Symposium 2017
Finance and Real Economy
April 7-9, 2017
Xiamen University, China

Accepted Papers & Participants List

Note#1: Session Chairs and Discussants can download papers for the SYMPOSIUM from this page.

Note#2: If you wish your paper to be considered for publication in the EFM journal, convey your interest to your Session Chair.

Presentations: For your presentations at the SYMPOSIUM please note that all rooms are equipped with computers. Power Point (USB or CD) and Overhead Projector (transparencies) presentation options are available.

Symposium Presentations: Laptops will be Available in all Rooms for Symposium Presentations.

Discussants' Responsibility: To better serve the needs of authors presenting papers at the SYMPOSIUM, discussants are kindly required to hand out to the authors and the session chair 1-2 pages handwritten comments with their constructive comments.

Deadline for Posting you Paper is FEBRUARY 28, 2017

Accepted Papers & Participants List




Anupam Dutta
Email: adutta@uwasa.fi
Investigating the Association between Oil VIX and Equity VIX: Evidence from China


Bae Kee-Hong, Kang Jisok
Email: khbae@rogers.com
Does the Stock Market Benefit the Economy?


Chan Stephanie, Wijnbergen Sweder van
Email: s.chan@uva.nl
CoCo Design, Risk-Shifting Incentives, and Financial Fragility

Chang Yuk Ying, Anderson Hamish, Shi Song
Email: Y.Chang@massey.ac.nz
China and International Housing Price Growth

Chen I-Ju, Hsu Po-Hsuan, Officer Micah S., Wang Yanzhi
Email: ijchen@saturn.yzu.edu.tw
The Oscar goes... Takeovers and Innovation Envy

Chen Jian, Liu Yangshu, Wu Chunchi, Zhong Zhaodong
Email: jchenl@xmu.edu.cn
Option Implied Volatility-Volume Indictor and Predictability of Stock Returns


Diercks Anthony M.
Email: Anthony.M.Diercks@frb.gov
The Equity Premium, Long-Run Risk, and Optimal Monetary Policy

Ding Mingfa, Suardi Sandy
Email: mingfa83@163.com
Tradable Blocks, Liquidity and Threat of Exit: The China Experience


Ee Mong Shan, Chao Chi-Chur, Zhang Jing
Email: mong.e@deakin.edu.au
Shadow Banking and Economic Development in Developing Countries


Feng Hongrui, Jia Yuecheng
Email: hongrui.feng@okstate.edu
Are CEOs Incentivized to Shelter Good Information?

Francois Derrien, Wu Xiaohui, Zeng Qi, Zhang Yan
Email: derrien@hec.fr
The Unintended Consequences of Government Regulations in Emerging Financial Markets: Evidence from the Chinese IPO market


Gao Haoyu, Wang Junbo, Yang Xiaoguang, Zhao Lin
Email: gaohaoyu@amss.ac.cn
Who Borrow More from Deep Pocket Bank? Theory and Evidence from China

Gao Ming
Email: gao@pku.edu.cn
Formal and Informal Finance: Underlying Channels and Welfare Effects

Gao Ning, Kolokolova Olga, Mattes Achim
Email: ning.gao@manchester.ac.uk
Does Shorttermism Shape up Mergers? Hedge Funds’ Role in M&As


Han Liang, Tian Lin
Email: liang.han@henley.ac.uk
How Local is Local? Evidence from Bank Competition and Corporate Innovation in U.S

Hong Xiangjun
Email: hongxj.15@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn
Turn away Bad Deals or Passive Execute -- Financial Intermediary's Role in Chinese Corporate Takeover

Hsieh Peilin, Chen Ren-Raw, Huang Jeffrey
Email: peilin.h@gmail.com
Information Contents of Risk Neutral Densities at the FX Market

Hsu Po-Hsuan, Lee Hsiao-Hui, Zhou Tong
Email: paulhsu@hku.hk
Falling into Traps? Patent Thickets, Patent Commercialization, and Stock Returns


Ivashkovskaya I.V., Skvortsova I.V.,
Email: ivashkovskaya@yandex.ru
Is Corporate Diversification a Viable Strategy in Falling or Rising Economies? The Case of Chinese and Russian Firms


Jia Yuecheng, Feng Hongrui
Email: yuecheng.jia@okstate.edu
The Positive Externalities of CEO Delta

Jia Yuecheng, Yan Shu
Email: yuecheng.jia@okstate.edu
What Does Skewness of Firm Fundamentals Tell Us about Firm Growth, Profitability, and Stock Return

Jing Harvey (Haiwei)
Email: harveyjing@icloud.com
Financial Strength and Monitoring Capital: Evidence from Firm-Bank Matching


Kecskes Ambrus, Nguyen Phuong-anh
Email: ambrusk@gmail.com
Do Technology Spillovers Affect Corporate Financial Policies?

Koh Woo Hwa
Email: whkoh@kaist.ac.kr
The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks on the Cross-Section of Returns


Liu Yan, Abraham Arpad, Carceles-Poveda Eva, Marimon Ramon
Email: ulysses1906@163.com
On the optimal design of a Financial Stability Fund

Li Xiao, Shen Dehua, Zhang Wei
Email: lx713@tju.edu.cn
Familiarity Shocks and Stock Market Reactions: Information Advantages or Psychological Bias

Li Xiping, Tripe David, Malone Chris
Email: x.li3@massey.ac.nz
Measuring Bank Risk: An Exploration of Z-score

Li Zhao, Castiglionesi Fabio, Ma Kebin
Email: li.zhao@upf.edu
Bank Information Sharing and Liquidity Risk

Loncan Tiago, Hillier David
Email: tiago.rodrigues-loncan@strath.ac.uk
Stock Market Integration, Cost of Equity Capital and Corporate Investment


Marisetty Vijaya Bhaskar, Dao Hong Nhung
Email: vijayabhaskar.marisetty@rmit.edu.au
Institutional Quality, Investment Efficiency and the Choice of Public--Private Partnerships

Mi Jinhong Jackson, Lo Kai Lisa
Email: jhmi@shmtu.edu.cn
Does Re-Intermediation Benefit Borrowers and Investors? Evidence from China? Evidence from China’s P2P Market


Nozawa Yoshio
Email: yoshio.nozawa@frb.gov
Is There Froth in the Corporate Bond Market?


Park Hyuna
Email: hyuna.park38@brooklyn.cuny.edu
Intangible Assets and the Book-to-Market Effect

Peng Yuchao, Yang Junhong, Guariglia Alessandra
Email: yuchao.peng@ruc.edu.cn
Inventory Investment and the choice of Financing in China: Does City-level Financial Development Play a Role?

Phan Dinh Hoang Bach, Narayan Paresh Kumar, Narayan Seema
Email: dinh.phan@deakin.edu.au
Do Worker Layoffs Influence Corporate Investment? New Global Evidencenm


Ren Yu, Qiu Yue, Xie Tian
Email: reny@xmu.edu.cn
Evaluating Asset Pricing Factors


Shen Chung-Hua, Shi Jun-Guo
Email: chshen01@ntu.edu.tw
Is Finance a Veil: The Lead-and-lag Relation Between Financial Cycles and Business Cycles--The Case of China


Taffler Richard J., Bellotti Xijuan
Email: Richard.Taffler@wbs.ac.uk
Asset Pricing Bubbles and Investor Emotions: An Empirical Analysis of the 2014-2016 Chinese Stock Market Bubble


Wei Daren
Email: d.wei12@imperial.ac.uk
Macroprudential Policy, Difference in Beliefs and Growth: What is the Role of Risk Premia?

Wei Lijia, Li Shaoyu, Wu Huanxi
Email: ljwei.whu@gmail.com
Stock Market and the Baltic Dry Index: Volatilities and Correlations in China’s Business Cycle

Wu Zhenhua, Li Zhichuan
Email: zhwu.us@gmail.com
Market Reputation, Information Sharing: A Theory of Boardroom Collusion


Xie Tian, Ren Yu
Email: xietian001@hotmail.com
Controlling Global Effects in Asset Pricing

Xin Fu, Zhang Jie
Email: newmanov@163.com
How Does Banking Competition Stimulate Local Innovation? The Evidence from the Entry of Small Banks in China

Xu Menghan
Email: xumh@xmu.edu.cn
Search Frictions in Crowdfunding Markets

Xue Bai, Li Pingli, Zhang Zhuang
Email: b.xue@soton.ac.uk
Impact of Multi-dimensional Environmental Performance on Firm Performance and Risk


Yao Jiaquan, Chen Jian, Jiang Fuwei, Xue Shuyu
Email: YAOJ0002@e.ntu.edu.sg
The World Price of Skewness Risk

Yen Kuang-Chieh, Wang Yaw-Huei
Email: quetiony@gmail.com
The Information Content of Option-implied Tail Risk on the Future Returns of the Underlying Asset

Yildirim Yildiray, Emmerling Thomas J., Jarrow Robert A.
Email: Yildiray.Yildirim@baruch.cuny.edu
Portfolio Balance Effects and the Federal Reserve's Large-Scale Asset Purchases

Yin Libo, Su Zhi, Fang Tong
Email: yinlibowsxbb@126.com
Does NVIX Matter for Volatility


Zhang Kuo, Chang Xin, Chen Yangyang, Wang Sarah Qian, Zhang Wenrui
Email: kuozhang.wise@gmail.com
Does Financial Innovation Affect Technological Innovation? Evidence from Credit Default Swaps Trading

Zhao Hongbiao, Hsieh Peilin, Guo Yuqiang
Email: hongbiao.z@gmail.com
Contagion Behavior of High-frequency Trading in Future and Option Markets

Zhou Si, Chen Jean J., Xie Li
Email: S.Zhou@soton.ac.uk
If Busy, Team Up! When Multitasking Fund Manager Meets Team

Zhu Mengnan, Yan Shuai, Ding Bingqian
Email: zmnan@xmu.edu.cn
Macroeconomic News and the RMB Exchange Rate