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European Financial Management Association
2018 Annual Meetings
June 27-30, 2018
Milan, Italy

Note#1: Session Chairs and Discussants can download papers for the meetings from this page. Authors can update the version of their paper(s) and/or abstract(s) on this webpage later. Please email your paper/abstract directly to: efma2018@unicatt.it

Note#2: If you wish your paper to be considered for publication in the EFM journal, convey your interest to your Session Chair.

Presentations: For your presentations at the EFMA2018 Meetings please note that all rooms are equipped with computers. Power Point (USB or CD) and Overhead Projector (transparencies) presentation options are available.

Conference Presentations:
Laptops will be Available in all Rooms for Conference Presentations.

Discussants' Responsibility: To better serve the needs of authors presenting papers at the EFMA2018 meetings, discussants are kindly required to hand out to the authors and the session chair 1-2 pages handwritten comments with their constructive comments.

Deadline for Posting Revised Paper is MAY 1, 2018

Accepted Papers & Participants List



Adebambo Biljana, Malhotra Shavin, Zhu PengCheng
Email: bnikolic@sandiego.edu
CEO Extraversion and Expected Cost of Capital


Akhtar Shumi, Akhtar Farida, John Kose
Email: shumi.akhtar@sydney.edu.au
Does Corporate Governance Influence the Utilization of Proceeds from External Financing? Evidence from Equity and Debt Issuance Activities.


Aloosh Arash, Bekaert Geert
Email: arash.aloosh@neoma-bs.fr
Currency Factors


An Jiafu, Hou Wenxuan
Email: jannclacuk@gmail.com
The Origins of Financial Development- How the TseTse Fly Continues to Influence Modern Finance


Andreou Panayiotis, Fiordelisi Franco, Harris Terry, Philip Dennis
Email: panayiotis.andreou@cut.ac.cy
The effect of Institutional ownership on firms thrust to compete- the implications for crash risk


Andrlikova Petra
Email: petra.andrlikova@sydney.edu.au
Heterogenous Cash-Flow Risk and the Cross Section of Return Correlations


Ang Alvin
Email: alvinang@hsmc.edu.hk
Non-Electoral Political Uncertainty and Cash Management Policy- Evidence from East Asia


Apergis Nicholas, pragidis Ioannis
Email: napergis@unipi.gr
Stock price reactions to wire news from the European Central Bank- evidence from changes in the sentiment tone and international market indexes


Appadu Naaguesh
Email: naaguesh.appadu.1@city.ac.uk
The best bet- Should the new CEO acquire or divest?


Arnaboldi Francesca, Casu Barbara, Kalotychou Elena, Sarkisyan Anna
Email: farnaboldi@unimi.it
The performance effects of board heterogeneity- what works for EU banks?


Arnold Marc, Schuette Dustin, Wagner Alexander
Email: marc.arnold@unisg.ch
Neglected Risk in Financial Innovation- Evidence from Structured Product Counterparty Exposure


Atilgan Yigit, Bali Turan G., Demirtas K. Ozgur, Gunaydin A. Doruk
Email: yatilgan@sabanciuniv.edu
Left-Tail Momentum- Limited Attention of Individual Investors and Expected Equity Returns


Au Yong Hue Hwa, Brown Christine, Ho Chloe, Shekhar Chander
Email: huehwa.auyong@monash.edu
Rational Apathy? Retail Shareholder Participation in Private Placements


Avramidis Panagiotis, Asimakopouls Ioannis, Maliaropulos Dimitris, Travlos Nickolaos
Email: pavramidis@acg.edu
Do banks appraise internal capital markets during credit shocks? Evidence from the Greek crisis




Bae Kee-Hong, Gong Zhaoran, Tong Wilsongovernance
Email: kbae@schulich.yorku.ca
Restricting CEO Pay Backfires- Evidence from China


Bajo Emanuele, Barbi Massimiliano, Hillier David
Email: emanuele.bajo@unibo.it
Where should I publish to get promoted? A finance journal ranking based on promotions among US business schools


Balachandran Balasingham, Duong Huu Nhan, Vu Van Hoang
Email: b.balachandran@latrobe.edu.au
Pension Deficits and the Design of Private Debt Contracts


Baltas Konstantinos, Tsionas Efthymios
Email: k.baltas@lse.ac.uk
On identifying risk-adjusted efficiency gains or losses of prospective systemic banks M&A under heterogeneous production technologies- Policy implications in the era of the financial crisis


Barbopoulos Leonidas, Adra Samer
Email: leonidas.barbopoulos@glasgow.ac.uk
Price Informativeness and the Role of Advisors in M&As


Baruch Shmuel, Zhang Xiaodi
Email: shmuel.baruch@eccles.utah.edu
Is Index Trading Benign?


Battauz Anna, Marzia De Donno, Alessandro Sbuelz
Email: anna.battauz@unibocconi.it
On the exercise of American quanto options


Bawazir Hana, Degl'innocenti Marta, Wolfe Simon
Email: hanabawazir@gmail.com
Bank Market Power and Liquidity Creation


Bedendo Mascia, Garcia-Appendini Emilia,Linus Siming
Email: mbedendo@audencia.com
Cultural preferences and firm financing choices


Beltrame Federico, Sclip Alex, Paltrinieri Andrea
Email: federico.beltrame@uniud.it
Bank risk and lending supply during conventional and unconventional monetary policies


Ben Amor Salma, Maher Kool
Email: salma.benamor@uqo.ca
Grandstanding in the venture capital industry- new evidence from IPOs and M&As


Berger Allen, Chen Ruiyuan (Ryan), El Ghoul Sadok, Guedhami Omrane
Email: elghoul@ualberta.ca
Who Wins and Loses from Bank Deregulation? Analysis of Financially Constrained and Unconstrained Firms


Bermpei Theodora, Kalyvas Antonios
Email: t.bermpei@essex.ac.uk
Does tax enforcement affect the cost of bank loans? Evidence from the United States


Bhagawan Praveen, Mukhopadhyay Jyoti Prasad
Email: praveenbhagawan@gmail.com
Does Mandatory Expenditure on CSR Affect Firm Value? Empirical Evidence from Indian Firms


Bolton Brian, Zhao Jing
Email: bbolton@pdx.edu
What Matters in Corporate Governance and Innovation


Bonini Stefano, Capizzi Vincenzo, Zocchi Paola
Email: sbonini@stevens.edu
The performance of angel-backed companies


Bonini Stefano, Cavano Giuliana
Email: stefano.bonini@unibo.it
Econometric approach for Basel III Loss Given Default Estimation- from discount rate to final multivariate model


Borochin Paul, Zhao Yanhui
Email: paul.borochin@uconn.edu
Risk Neutral Skewness Anomaly and Momentum Crashes


Borri Nicola, Shakhnov Kirill
Email: nborri@luiss.it
Global Risk in Long-Term Sovereign Debt


Boulton Thomas, Smart Scott, Zutter Chad
Email: boultotj@miamioh.edu
Worldwide Short Selling Regulations and IPO Underpricing


Boussetta Selma, Moinas Sophie, Lescourret Laurence
Email: selma.boussetta@u-bordeaux.fr
The role of pre-opening mechanisms in fragmented markets


Brandy Hadley, Minnick Kristina, Blank Brian, Mia Rivolta
Email: hadleybe@appstate.edu
Worth the Fight? The Role of Internal Competition on New CEOs Compensation


Bricker Jesse, Li Geng
Email: jesse.bricker@frb.gov
Credit Scores Social Capital and Stock Market Participation


Brok Peter
Email: p.j.s.brok@tilburguniversity.edu
Corporate Structure, International Tax Spillovers, and Capital Structure


Brunetti Marianna, Ciciretti Rocco, Djordjevic Ljubica
Email: marianna.brunetti@uniroma2.it
Till Mortgage Do Us Part- Refinancing Costs and Household s Bank Switching


Burgstaller Johann
Email: johann.burgstaller@jku.at
Competition in Local Banking Markets and the Influence of Rival Proximity




Calabrese Kristyn
Email: kac435@scarletmail.rutgers.edu
The Effects of Time Pressure on Audit Effort and Audit Risk- An Analysis of Audit Fees Surrounding the Accelerated Filing Regulation


Cardillo Giovanni, Fiordelisi Franco, Ricci Ornella
Email: giovanni.cardillo2@unibo.it
Public Bailouts Bank s Risk and Spillover Effects- The case of European Banks


Chaieb Ines, Errunza Vihang, Langlois Hugues
Email: ines.chaieb@unige.ch
Is Liquidity Risk Priced in Partially Segmented Markets?


Chen Linda H, Sanders Debra L
Email: lindachen@uidaho.edu
In Pursuit of Profit- The Likely Culprit of Tax Avoidance via Tax Havens


Chen Sheng-Hung, Hsu Feng-Jui
Email: shchenib@gm.kuas.edu.tw
Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Life-cycles


Chu Liya, He Tony, Li Kai, Tu Jun
Email: liya.chu.2012@pbs.smu.edu.sg
Investor Sentiment and Paradigm Shifts in Equity Premium Forecasting


Civelli Andrea, Barraza Santiago, Zaniboni Nicola
Email: andrea.civelli@gmail.com
Business Loans and the Transmission of Monetary Policy


Contessi Silvio, DePace Pierangelo
Email: silvio.contessi@monash.edu
Mildly Explosive Dynamics in U.S. Fixed Income Markets


Cuadros-Solas Pedro J., Carbo—Valverde Santiago, Rodrguez-Fernndez Francisco
Email: pedrojcuadros@gmail.com
The impact of lending relationships on the choice and structure of bond underwriting syndicates


Cucinelli Doriana, Gai Lorenzo, Ielasi Federica, Patarnello Arturo
Email: doriana.cucinelli@unimib.it
The determinants of the unlikely-to-pay and the flows towards performing and bad loans




Danbolt Jo, Yang Bai, Gucbilmez Ufuk
Email: jo.danbolt@ed.ac.uk
Identifying leaders among IPO firms- a content analysis of analyst coverage reports


De Cesari Amedeo, Dang Viet A., Phan Hieu V.
Email: amedeo.decesari@manchester.ac.uk
Employment Protection and Share Repurchases- Evidence from Wrongful Discharge Laws


De Jesus Miguel Karlo
Email: miguel.dejesus@cunef.edu
Monetary Policy and the Flow-performance Relationship of Mutual Funds


Della Bina Antonio, Amel-Zadeh Amir
Email: antonio.dellabina@unibo.it
Do U.S. Analysts Improve the Local Information Environment of Cross-Listed Stocks? Evidence from Recommendation Revisions


Della Vedova Josh, Westerholm Joakim, Grant Andrew
Email: joshua.dellavedova@sydney.edu.au
Faulty Anchors- Individual Investor Order Intensity and Order Type at the 52 Week High


Desai Prajakta
Email: prajakta.desai@unibocconi.it
Information Risk and CDS Markets


Dieler Tobias, Mancini Loriano
Email: tobias.dieler@bristol.ac.uk
Ignorance is Bliss? Anonymous Lending with Roll Over Risk


Dindo Pietro, Bottazzi Giulio, Giachini Daniele
Email: pietro.dindo@unive.it
Momentum and Reversal in Financial Markets with Persistent Heterogeneity


Doukas John, Dong Feng
Email: fdong@odu.edu
Is Fund Management Skill More Valuable in Noisy Times?


Drobetz Wolfgang, Dichtl Hubert, Lohre Harald, Rother Carsten, Vosskamp Patrick
Email: wolfgang.drobetz@uni-hamburg.de
Optimal Timing and Tilting of Equity Factors


DU Jintao
Email: jintao.du@insead.edu
On the Time-varying Stock-Bond Correlation- Deciphering Heterogeneous Expectations






Facchinetti Silvia, Giudici Paolo, Osmetti Silvia Angela
Email: silvia.facchinetti@unicatt.it
Cybersecurity risk measurement


Farkas Walter, Smirnow Alexander
Email: walter.farkas@bf.uzh.ch
Intrinsic Risk Measures


Feito-Ruiz Isabel, Cardone-Riportella Clara, Ughetto Elisa
Email: ifeir@unileon.es
The effect of auditor quality and ownership structure on the debt maturity of AIM firms


Felix Luiz, Kraussl Roman, Stork Philip
Email: luizfffelix@yahoo.com
Implied Volatility Sentiment- A Tale of Two Tails


Flor Christian Riis, Petersen Kirstine Boye
Email: crf@sam.sdu.dk
Detecting Determinants of Capital Structure


Fu Xi, Xiaoxi Wu, Zhifang Zhang
Email: xi.fu@liverpool.ac.uk
The crash alarm is ringing- The predictability of earnings conference call tone for price crash risk




Gabbori Dina, Nader Virk
Email: nader.virk@plymouth.ac.uk
The impact of Islamic Events on herding Behaviour in Saudi Arabia financial market


Gallo Angela, Casu Barbara
Email: angela.gallo.1@city.ac.uk
Beyond Regulatory Arbitrage- Novel Evidence on ABCP Market


Gazi Adnan, Aretz Kevin, Garrett Ian
Email: adnan.gazi@manchester.ac.uk
The Early Exercise Risk Premium


Gelman Michael
Email: gelmam@post.bgu.ac.il
The Change in the Impact of Stability Characteristics on the Performance of Banks


Gershun Natalia
Email: ngershun@pace.edu
Asset Pricing in a Model with Executive Incentive Compensation Contracts


Getmansky Mila, Aragon George, Ergun A. Tolga, Girardi Giulio
Email: GirardiG@SEC.GOV
Hedge Fund Liquidity Management


Ghanbari Hamed
Email: hamed.ghanbari@uleth.ca
Transient and Persistent Factor Structure in Equity Options


Gharghori Philip, Nguyen Annette
Email: philip.gharghori@monash.edu
Return drift following stock split announcements


Ghosh Chinmoy, Cihan Mehmet,Cristian Pinto-Gutierrez
Email: chinmoy.ghosh@uconn.edu
Do Acquirers Announce Better Deals after Disclosing Bad News?


Giuzio Margherita, Linda Fache Rousova
Email: margherita.giuzio@yahoo.it
Investment strategies of euro area insurers and pension funds- Pro-cyclical or countercyclical?


Gkionis Konstantinos, Kostakis Alexandros, Skiadopoulos George, Stilger Przemyslaw
Email: k.gkionis@qmul.ac.uk
Risk-Neutral Skewness and Stock Outperformance


Gonenc Halit, Seifert Bruce
Email: h.gonenc@rug.nl
Do Acquisitions Affect R&D Intensity?


Gonzalez Angelica, Hagendorff Jens, Voulgaris Georgios
Email: angelica.gonzalez@ed.ac.uk
Cannot Afford to Let Go- CEO Risk-taking Incentives When their Predecessors are Firm Creditors


Gousgounis Eleni, Srinivasan Sayee
Email: egousgou@stevens.edu
Block Trades in Options Markets


Gu Lifeng, Ho Wei, Li Tong
Email: oliviagu@hku.hk
Bank Loan Undrawn Spreads and the Predictability of Stock Returns


Guidolin Massimo, Hansen Erwin, Lozano Banda Martin
Email: massimo.guidolin@unibocconi.it
Portfolio Performance of Linear SDF Models- An Out-of-Sample Assessment


Guo Jia-Hau, Chang Lung-Fu
Email: jiahau@faculty.nctu.edu.tw
An Accelerated Approach to Static Hedging Barrier Options- Richardson Extrapolation Techniques


Gupta Aparna, LU Yueliang, Wang Runzu
Email: guptaa@rpi.edu
Addressing Systemic Risk Using Contingent Convertible Debt _ A Network Analysis


Gurrola-Perez Pedro, Herrerias Renata
Email: rherreria@itam.mx
Volatility term structure of interest rate futures




Hadley Brandy
Email: hadleybe@appstate.edu
When CEOs Adapt- An Investigation of Manager Experience Policy and Performance Following Recessions


Hail Luzi, Muhn Maximilian, Oesch David
Email: lhail@wharton.upenn.edu
Do Risk Disclosures Matter When It Counts? Evidence from the Swiss Franc Shock


Hammer Benjamin, Janssen Nils, Schweizer Denis, Schwetzler Bernhard
Email: benjamin.hammer@hhl.de
Do private equity firms pay for synergies?


Han Xiao
Email: xiao.han@ed.ac.uk
Investor sentiment firm characteristics and arbitrage risk--the arbitrage factor


Hebert Camille, Edith Ginglinger, Renneboog Luc
Email: cam.hebert@gmail.com
Are Investors Aware of Ownership Connections?


Helbing Pia, Lucey Brian
Email: helbingp@tcd.ie
The Determinants of IPO Withdrawal - Evidence from Europe


Henrich Gerrit, Bessler Wolfgang
Email: Gerrit.Henrich@wirtschaft.uni-giessen.de
The Effects of Corporate Governance Reforms on Mergers and Acquisitions in Japan


Hermes Niels
Email: c.l.m.hermes@rug.nl
Mortgage Literacy and Mortgage Risks


Hobelt Johannes, Gounopoulos Dimitrios, Papanikolaou Nikolaos
Email: j.hobelt@sussex.ac.uk
Transparency versus opacity- Are bank stress tests worthwhile?


Hoechle Daniel, Schmid Markus, Zimmermann Heinz
Email: daniel.hoechle@fhnw.ch
Do Firm Fixed Effects Matter in Empirical Asset Pricing?


Homanen Mikael
Email: mikael.homanen@cass.city.ac.uk
Depositors Disciplining Banks- The Impact of Scandals


Homroy Swarnodeep, Slechten Aurelie, Banerjee Shantanu
Email: s.homroy@rug.nl
Investment and agency motives of corporate philanthropy- Evidence from Anti-Dumping Initiations


Homroy Swarnodeep, Colin Green
Email: s.homroy@rug.nl
Why do firms appoint politicians on corporate boards? Evidence from a parliamentary regulation change in the United Kingdom


Hsiao Yu-Jen, Chung San-Lin, Ho Ruey-Jenn, Chuang-Chang Chang
Email: yujen@tmu.edu.tw
Revisiting the Valuation of Deposit Insurance


Hsu Yen-Ju, Wei Yu-Chen, Lu Yang-Cheng
Email: yenj.hsu@gmail.com
News and Investor Sentiments- the impact on trading behavior


Hu May, Lin Ed, Li Larry
Email: may.hu@deakin.edu.au
Managerial ability and the speed of leverage adjustment


Huang Chao, Moreira Fernando, Archibald Thomas
Email: chao.huang@ed.ac.uk
Systemic Importance and Optimal Capital Regulation


Huang Di, Ghosh Chinmoy, Phan Hieu
Email: huangd@alma.edu
Managerial Pay Disparity Firm Risk and Productivity- New Insights from the Bond Market


Huang Winifred, Lu Yuechan
Email: w.huang@bath.ac.uk
Deferred Gratification- Acquirers Earnings Management during the Interim Period of Acquisitions


Huang Chen, Gounopoulos Dimitrios
Email: c.huang86@outlook.com
Geographic Dispersion and IPO Survival


Huang He, Ainsworth Andrew, Svec Jiri
Email: he.huang@sydney.edu.au
The Impact of the Dodd-Frank Act on split bond ratings




Iannino Maria Chiara, Gehrig Thomas
Email: mci@st-andrews.ac.uk
Did the Basel Process of Capital Regulation Enhance the Resiliency of European Banks?


Im Hyun Joong, Kang Ya, Park Young Joon
Email: hyun.im@phbs.pku.edu.cn
Economic Policy Uncertainty and Peer Effects in Corporate Investment Policy- Evidence from China




Jacobs Kris, Liu Yuguo
Email: kjacobs@bauer.uh.edu
Extracting Dynamic Latent Factors from Large Option Panels


Jagtiani Julapa, Lemieux Cathy
Email: julapa.jagtiani@phil.frb.org
Fintech Lending- Financial Inclusion Risk Pricing and Alternative Information


Ji Jiao, Yin Shuxing, Talavera Oleksandr
Email: jiao.ji@sheffield.ac.uk
The Hidden Information Content- Evidence from the Tone of Independent Director Reports


Jiang George, Chen Linda, Huang Wei
Email: george.jiang@wsu.edu
Do Mutual Funds Trade on Earnings News? The Information Content of Large Trades


Jin Xing, Hong Yi
Email: xing.jin@wbs.ac.uk
Understanding Term Structure of Variance Swap Rates Market Return Predictability and Variance Swap Investments When Volatility can Jump




Kalcheva Ivalina, Smith Janet, Smith Richard
Email: ivalina.kalcheva@ucr.edu
The changing role of public equity markets- International evidence


Kallenos Theodosis, Lesmond David, Nishiotis George
Email: kallenos@ucy.ac.cy
Strategic Timing in Closed-End Fund Portfolio Holdings Disclosure


Kanno Masayasu
Email: kanno.masayasu@nihon-u.ac.jp
Bank-Insurer-Firm tripartite interconnectedness of credit risk exposures in a cross-shareholding network


Kapraun Julia, Himbert Benedikt, Rudolf Markus
Email: julia.kapraun@hof.uni-frankfurt.de
A study of improved covariance matrix estimators for low and diversified volatility portfolio strategies


Kassa Haimanot, Campbell Colin
Email: kassah@miamioh.edu
Betting Against Beta under Incomplete Information


Katsoulis Petros, Casu Lukac Barbara, Kalotychou Elena
Email: petros.katsoulis.1@cass.city.ac.uk
Systemic Stress Testing under Central and Non-Central Clearing


Khaksari Shahriar, Jalal Abu
Email: skhaksari@suffolk.edu
Effects of Tuition Discounting on University s Financial Performance


Kiesel Florian, Kolaric Sascha, Norden Lars, Schiereck Dirk
Email: kiesel@bwl.tu-darmstadt.de
Does CDS trading impact the information content of the rating review process?


Kim Sunyoung, Jeong Giho, Kang Jangkoo
Email: kongs03@business.kaist.ac.kr
Credit Expansion and Aggregate Stock Returns


Kim Hyonok, Wilcox James, Yasuda Yukihiro
Email: hokim@tku.ac.jp
Who When and How Much Corporate Parents Help- Evidence from Japanese consolidated and unconsolidated financial statements


Kim Jungmin, Kang Jun-Koo, Kang Jingoo, Kang Minwook
Email: jungmin.kim@polyu.edu.hk
Investment and Firm Value under High Economic Uncertainty- The Beneficial Effect of Overconfident CEOs


Kim Wooyeon, Kang Hankil, Kang Jangkoo
Email: wykim326@gmail.com
Liquidity Provision of High Frequency Traders in Stressful States- Evidence from the KOSPI 200 Futures Market


Kim Hohyun, Han Seung Hun
Email: yellowhh@kaist.ac.kr
Compensation structure of family business groups


Kim Minki, Kim Tong Suk
Email: m0729g@kaist.ac.kr
Product Market Competition Gross Profitability and Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns


Kisser Michael, Eckbo B. Espen
Email: Michael.Kisser@nhh.no
Tradeoff Theory and Leverage Dynamics of High-Frequency Debt Issuers


Kisser Michael, Rapushi Loreta
Email: Michael.Kisser@nhh.no
Finding market timing patterns when they are unlikely to exist


Ko Kuan-Cheng, Yang Nien-Tzu
Email: kcko@ncnu.edu.tw
Investor Gambling Preference and the Asset Growth Anomaly


Kocaata Zeki, Hols Christopher
Email: s3zekoca@uni-bonn.de
Bank Failures and Wage Inequality


Koirala Santosh, Thapa Chandra
Email: santosh.koirala@strath.ac.uk
Corporate Governance and Dividend Policy- The Importance of Personal Liability in Enforcement


Kowalewski Oskar, Allen Franklin, Gu Xian
Email: o.kowalewski@ieseg.fr
The Interbank Market Puzzle


Kranner Stephan, Dockner Engelbert, Zechner Josef
Email: stephan.kranner@wu.ac.at
Systematic Risk Premia in EM Bond Markets


Kremer Philipp, Lee Sangkyun, Bogdan Malgorzata, Paterlini Sandra
Email: philipp.kremer@ebs.edu
Sparse Portfolio Selection via the sorted L1 - Norm


Kriebel Johannes, Yam Kevin
Email: johannes.kriebel@wiwi.uni-muenster.de
Gathering Information- Forecasting Recoveries in Debt Collection




La Rocca Tiziana, Staglian Raffaele, Cariola Alfio, Skatova Ekaterina, Maurizio La Rocca
Email: elviratiziana.larocca@unime.it
The value of SMEs cash holdings in Europe. The role of internal and external moderators


Landi Andrea, Venturelli Valeria, Ferretti Riccardo, Gallo Giovanni
Email: valeria.venturelli@unimore.it


Langlois Hugues, Chaieb Ines, Scaillet Olivier
Email: langlois@hec.fr
Time-Varying Risk Premia in Large International Equity Markets


Lauterbach Beni, Cremers Martijn, Anete Pajuste
Email: anete.pajuste@sseriga.edu
The Life-Cycle of Dual Class Firms


Lawrenz Jochen, Zorn Josef
Email: jochen.lawrenz@uibk.ac.at
Decomposing the Predictive Power of Local and Global Financial Valuation Ratios


Lazzari Valter, Geranio Manuela
Email: manuela.geranio@unibocconi.it
Geography and Time Patterns of Trading in the European Exchanges


Leanza Luca
Email: luca.leanza2906@gmail.com
Bail-in Vs Bail-out- Bank Resolution and Liability Structure


Lee Seung Jung, Cohen Gregory, Stebunovs Viktors
Email: seung.j.lee@frb.gov
Limits to Monetary Policy Transmission at the Zero Lower Bound and Beyond- The Role of Nonbanks


Lenoci Francesca Daniela
Email: francescadaniela.lenoci@unicatt.it
Depositor discipline and LOLR facilities


Leung David, Kwong Max
Email: dwyleung@hkma.gov.hk
The flow-performance relationship in emerging market bond funds


Li Hang, Carline Nicholas, Farag Hisham
Email: hxl445@bham.ac.uk
What is the Effect of Prohibiting the Target Termination Fees? Evidence from the Reform of the Takeover Code in the UK


Li Qian, Hoepner Andreas
Email: qian.li2@sbs.ox.ac.uk
Corporate Social Irresponsibility and Portfolio Performance- A Global Perspective


Lim Ivan, Nguyen Louis Duc Duy
Email: i.lim@leeds.ac.uk
Home Biased Credit Allocations


Lin Zih-Ying, Hsieh Pei-Fang
Email: zylin256@gmail.com
Does Informed Options Trading Prior to Innovation Grants Announcements Reveal the Quality of Patents?


Liu Hanni, Anup Srivastava, Yin Jennifer
Email: hliu01@manhattan.edu
The Alignment between Stewardship and Valuation Roles of Revenues


Liu Sha, Han Jingguang
Email: sha.liu@ucd.ie
Media Tone Effect and Return Drift following Ambiguous News


Liu Chih-Liang
Email: chlliu@yuntech.edu.tw
Skill Specialist or Generalist? Does CEO Substitute or Complement Directors?


Louca Christodoulos, Chau Frankie, Gu Yi
Email: christodoulos.louca@cut.ac.cy
IPO Allocations and New Mutual Funds


Loukopoulos Georgios, Gounopoulos Dimitrios, Loukopoulos Panagiotis
Email: g.loukopoulos@bath.ac.uk
The Impact of Executive Compensation and Pay Disparities on IPOs Mortality


Lovreta Lidija, Mladenovic Zorica
Email: llovreta@eada.edu
Do the Stock and CDS Markets Price Credit Risk Equally in the Long-run?


Lozano-Vivas Ana, Baos Pino JosZ, Rodrguez-clvarez Ana
Email: avivas@uma.es
A new empirical approach for measuring market power- The European banking industry


Lugo Stefano, Galema Rients
Email: s.lugo@uu.nl
When central banks buy corporate bonds- Target selection and impact of the European Corporate Sector Purchase Program




Marinelli Nicoletta, Filotto Umberto, Lucarelli Caterina
Email: nicoletta.marinelli@unimc.it
Information and debt decision making- the case of the Italian consumer credit reform


Marquez Vigil, Corzo Teresa, Mirquez Javier, Gismera Laura, Lumbreras Sara, Laura Lazcano
Email: jmarquez@comillas.edu
Systematic Risk from a Corporate Structural Model Approach- From Merton 1974 to Merton 2013


Marti Jose, Quas Anita, Reverte Carmelo
Email: jmartipe@ccee.ucm.es
What money cannot buy- a new approach to measuring venture capital value added


Martin-Flores Jose, Garel Alexandre, Petit-Romec Arthur
Email: jose_maria.martin_flores@edu.escpeurope.eu
Stock market listing and the persistence of bank performance across crises


Mattarocci Gianluca, Lucia Gibilaro
Email: gianluca.mattarocci@uniroma2.it
Institutional Investors and Home-Biased REITs


Mavis Christos, Antoniou Constantinos
Email: c.mavis@surrey.ac.uk
Do Expectations Reflect Information Reliability? Evidence from odds on Tennis matches


Mazouz Khelifa, Yuliang Wu
Email: mazouzk@cardiff.ac.uk
Firm fundamentals short selling and stock returns


Megginson William L., Lattanzio Gabriele
Email: wmegginson@ou.edu
The Political and Financial Economics of withdrawn privatizations


Meier Florian
Email: florian.meier@uwe.ac.uk
The Age of Cheap Money and Passive Investing- Are Pro Forma Earnings Value Relevant?


Meng Xiaojing, Tian Joyce
Email: xmeng@stern.nyu.edu
Board Expertise and Executive Incentives


Menner Marco, Jackwerth Jens
Email: marco.menner@uni-konstanz.de
Does the Ross Recovery Theorem work Empirically?


Mero Gulten
Email: gultenmero@gmail.com
Measuring Hedge Fund Performance- A Markov Regime-Switching with False Discoveries Approach


Meyll Tobias, Pauls Thomas, Walter Andreas
Email: tobias.meyll@wirtschaft.uni-giessen.de
The household savings paradox


Migliavacca Milena, Girardone Claudia
Email: milena.migliavacca@unicatt.it
The moderating and mediating effects on the relationship between financial advisory and financial literacy


Mirzaei Ali, Igan Deniz
Email: amirzaei@aus.edu
Stringent bank liquidity and capital requirements and sectoral activity


Moller Rouven, Mervelskemper Laura, Schumacher Simon
Email: rouven.moeller@rub.de
How does Corporate Culture affect Banks Risk-Taking? Evidence from the European Banking Sector


Moneta Fabio, Calluzzo Paul, Topaloglu Selim
Email: fmoneta@business.queensu.ca
(Ab)Use of Leverage Short Sales and Options by Mutual Funds


Mora Andres, Perote Javier, Gutierrez Juan, Molina Enrique
Email: a.mora262@uniandes.edu.co
The volatility surface for real option analysis- The case of renewable and traditional energy projects


Morkoetter Stefan, Fuchs Florian, Jenkinson Tim, Roland Fyss
Email: stefan.morkoetter@unisg.ch
Should Investors Care Where Private Equity Managers Went To School?


Mueller Michael, Anderson Lisa, Andrews Emad, Devani Baiju, Walton Adrian
Email: mmueller@bankofcanada.ca
Speed segmentation on exchanges- Competition for slow flow


Musumeci Jim
Email: jmusumeci@bentley.edu
On the Use of Intercepts as Performance Measures


Muzzioli Silvia, Elyasiani Elyas, Gambarelli Luca
Email: silvia.muzzioli@unimore.it
Moment risk premia and the cross-section of stock returns in the European stock market




Nadarajah Sivathaasan, Ali Searat, Liu Benjamin, Huang Allen
Email: sivathaasan.nadarajah@griffithuni.edu.au
Stock Liquidity and Default Risk around the World


Neupane Biwesh, Marshall Andrew
Email: biwesh.neupane@strath.ac.uk
Do foreign institutional investors follow and exploit information content of insiders trade in emerging markets?


Nguyen Giang
Email: giangnd@fuji.waseda.jp
Does corporate efficiency matter? Evidence


Nguyen Minh, Moinas Sophie, Valente Giorgio
Email: minh.nguyen@ncl.ac.uk
Funding Constraints and Market Illiquidity in the European Treasury Bond Market


Nguyen Duc Duy (Louis), Lim Ivan, Nguyen Linh
Email: lhn2@st-andrews.ac.uk
Regulatory Spillovers in Common Mortgage Markets


Nocera Giacomo, Cardinale Mirko, Spotorno Lucia
Email: gnocera@audencia.com
Do investment management structures and sponsors activeness affect delegated investment performance?




Oberoi Jaideep, Andrews Douglas, Melania Nica
Email: j.s.oberoi@kent.ac.uk
From traditional reverse mortgages to broader home equity participation


Oberoi Jaideep, Nica Melania
Email: j.s.oberoi@kent.ac.uk
Self Dealing and Optimal Compensation


Oldford Erin, Otchere Isaac
Email: eoldford@mun.ca
Cross-border acquisitions and host country competitiveness


Orlov Vitaly, Dimic Nebojsa
Email: vitaly.orlov@unisg.ch
Internationalization and firm valuation- New evidence from first offshore bond issuances of US firms


Owusu Abena, Aparna Gupta
Email: owusua@rpi.edu
Sound Risk Culture in Banks




Panetti Ettore, Garcia Filomena
Email: ettore.panetti@gmail.com
A Theory of Government Bailouts in a Heterogeneous Banking System


Pang Haiyan
Email: Haiyan.Pang@asu.edu
Information Technology Improvement in US Commercial Bank Lending: Implications for the Declining of Small Businesses Lending


Parajuli Bharat
Email: raj.parajuli@eccles.utah.edu
Wealth Effects of Government Dependency on Firms


Park Min, Gallo Angela
Email: m.k.park@exeter.ac.uk
(Simple)- Securitization and Bank Liquidity Management- Evidence from US Corporate Lending Market


Pedio Manuela, Guidolin Massimo, Hansen Erwin
Email: manuela.pedio@unibocconi.it
Cross -Asset Contagion in the Financial Crisis- A Bayesian Time-Varying Parameter Approach


Pena Joana, Cortez Maria
Email: mccortez@eeg.uminho.pt
Risk-shifting in the socially responsible mutual fund industry- tournament versus strategic behavior


Peng Ni, Gao Ning, Strong Norman
Email: n.peng@qmul.ac.uk
Product similarity and the motives for related mergers


Petacchi Reining, Petacchi Paolo
Email: paolo.petacchi@georgetown.edu
Innovation and Accounting Discretion


Petit-Romec Arthur, Di Giuli Alberta
Email: arthur.petit_romec@edu.escpeurope.eu
Debt as Threat- Evidence from Union Sponsored Shareholder Proposals


Petmezas Dimitris, Guest Paul, Karampatsas Nikolaos, Travlos Nickolaos
Email: d.petmezas@surrey.ac.uk
Credit Default Swaps Financial Distress and Corporate Acquisitions


Pierce Joshua, Charles J. Hadlock
Email: joshua.pierce@ua.edu
Hiring Your Friends- Evidence from the Market for Financial Economists


Pimentel Pedro, Couto Gualter, Oliveira Andre
Email: pedro.ms.pimentel@uac.pt
Infrastructure investment- Application of real options analysis to the Ponta Delgada airport expansion


Pisa Magdalena, Bams Dennis, Wolff Christian
Email: magdalena.pisa@whu.edu
Credit risk characteristics of U.S. small business portfolios


Ponticelli Jacopo, Cong Will, Gao Haoyu, Yang Xiaoguang
Email: jacopo.ponticelli@kellogg.northwestern.edu
Credit Allocation under Economic Stimulus- Evidence from China


Pozdeev Igor, Borisenko Dmitry
Email: igor.pozdeev@unisg.ch
Monetary Policy and Currency Returns- the Foresight Saga


Pugachev Leonid, Megginson William, Almansour Abdullah
Email: lpugachev27@ou.edu
Hedging Gone Wild- Was Delta Air Lines Purchase of Trainer Refinery A Sound Risk Management Strategy?




Qian Ningyu, Zhang Kezhong, Zheng Changjun
Email: qianningyu@hust.edu.cn
How do regulatory ability and banking market structure affect the explicit deposit insurance scheme adoption and banks risk taking_




Raimondo Carlo, Bajo Emanuele, Bigelli Marco
Email: carlo.raimondo@usi.ch
Ownership ties conflicts of interest and the tone of news


Rapp Marc Steffen, Beyenbach Johannes, Powell Daniel
Email: rappm@wiwi.uni-marburg.de
Family Control and the Sensitivity of Investment to Cash Flow- Evidence from a Multi-Equation Modelling Approach


Reichenecker Jurij-Andrei, Barroso Pedro, Menichetti Marco J.
Email: jurij-andrei.reichenecker@uni.li
Hedging with an edge- parametric currency overlay


Reisel Natalia, Miller Darius, Lel Ugur
Email: nreisel@fordham.edu
Explaining top management turnover in private corporations- The role of cross-country legal institutions and capital market forces


Renucci Antoine, Loss FrZdZric
Email: antoine.renucci@univ-pau.fr
Making Partner- How it Influences Business Risk Strategy and Execution Effort


Rigoni Ugo, Cruciani Caterina, Gardenal Gloria
Email: rigons@unive.it
Why do you Trust me? A Structural Equation Model of Trustworthiness in Financial Advisory


Rivera Juan C., Pindado Julio, Requejo Ignacio
Email: irequejo@usal.es
Diversification strategies family ownership and debt policy- New evidence from international panel data


Rossi Simone, Borroni Mariarosa, Piva Mariacristina
Email: simone.rossi@unicatt.it
Abnormal loan growth and bank profitability. Some evidences from the recent crisis


Rossi Ludovico, Cathcart Lara, Dufour Alfonso, Varotto Simone
Email: l.rossi@pgr.reading.ac.uk
The Differential Impact of Leverage on the Default Risk of Small and Large Firms


Rouxelin Florent, Barroso Pedro, Yang Li, Kho Frickson
Email: f.rouxelin@unsw.edu.au
Do external imbalances matter in explaining the cross-section of currency excess returns?


Rubio-Misas Maria, Cummins J. David
Email: mrubiom@uma.es
Integration and efficiency convergence in European life insurance markets


Rzayev Khaladdin, Ibikunle Gbenga
Email: khaladdin.rzayev@ed.ac.uk
The information content of high frequency trading volume




Sakkas Athanasios, Tessaromatis Nikolaos
Email: a.sakkas@soton.ac.uk
Factor Based Commodity Investing


Salvade Federica, Cahn Christophe, Girotti Mattia
Email: f.salvade@psbedu.paris
Coarse Credit Ratings Corporate Financing and Real Outcomes


Sandulescu Mirela, Trojani Fabio, Vedolin Andrea
Email: paula.mirela.sandulescu@usi.ch
Model-Free International Stochastic Discount Factors


Sankaran Harikumar, Iyer Subramanian, Zhang Yan
Email: sankaran@nmsu.edu
Do Well-Connected Boards Invest in Productive R&D Activities?


Sapriza Horacio, Temesvary Judit
Email: horacio.sapriza@frb.gov
Monetary transmission and economic conditions- How does the strength of the bank credit channel depend on real economic activity?


Sassi Syrine
Email: syrinesassi@yahoo.fr
Product Market Competition and Debt Choice


Sbuelz Alessandro, Tarelli Andrea, Rajiv Guha
Email: alessandro.sbuelz@unicatt.it
Structural Recovery of Face Value at Default


Schertler Andrea, Pugachev Leonid
Email: a.schertler@gmx.de
Shock Transmission through Shared Directors-Evidence from Bank Enforcement Actions


Schmid Markus, Charles Constantin, von Meyerinck Felix
Email: markus.schmid@unisg.ch
Peer Pressure in Corporate Earnings Management


Shahriari Hesam, Khokhar Abdul-Rahman
Email: hhshahriari@pvamu.edu
Political Values and SEC Enforcement Actions


Shen Jialu
Email: j.shen13@imperial.ac.uk
Countercyclical Risks and Portfolio Choice over the Life Cycle


Shirasu Yoko, Yasuda Yukihiro
Email: shirasu@cc.aoyama.ac.jp
The performance effects of bank M&As- The foreign institutional investors matter in Asian and EU


Shkel David, Baule Rainer
Email: david.shkel@fernuni-hagen.de
Model Risk and Model Choice in the Case of Barrier Options


Signori Andrea
Email: andrea.signori@unicatt.it
Zero-revenue IPOs


Siyahhan Baran, Trabelsi Donia, Mrizak Sana
Email: baran.siyahhan@telecom-em.eu
Internal vs External R&D- A Real Options Approach


Sokolovski Valeri
Email: valeri.sokolovski@hec.ca
Crowds Crashes and the Carry Trade


Staneva Viktoriya
Email: viktoriya.staneva@unh.edu
The Role of Credit Ratings in the Dynamic Tradeoff Model


Stehle Simon, Fischer Marcel, Fyss Roland
Email: simon.stehle@uni-konstanz.de
Spillover Effects in Residential House Prices


Steinberg Nadav, Mugerman Yevgeny, Wiener Zvi
Email: nadav.steinberg@boi.org.il
The Exclamation Mark of Cain- Risk Salience and Mutual Fund Flows


Subramaniam Venkat, Kini Omesh, Shenoy Jaideep
Email: vencat@tulane.edu
Relative financial leverage product market structure and the wealth effects of product recalls


Sun Yuxin, Ibikunle Gbenga, Mare Davide
Email: y.sun@qub.ac.uk
Light versus Dark- Commonality in Lit and Dark liquidity




Taffler Richard, Bellotti Xijuan
Email: richard.taffler@wbs.ac.uk
The psychodynamics of asset pricing bubbles- an empirical perspective


Tan Weiqiang, Chang Xin, Zhang Wenrui,Endong Yang
Email: eyang001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Stock Liquidity and Corporate Social Responsibility


Tang Tilan, Chorniy Anna, Miller Daniel
Email: tilan.tang@temple.edu
Mergers in Medicare Part D- Assessing Market Power Cost Efficiencies and Bargaining Power


Tang Michael, Xin Hua
Email: mtang@stern.nyu.edu
Asymmetric Timely Loss Recognition and Insider Trading Profitability


Tanseli Savaser, Ongena Steven,Elif Sisli Ciamarra
Email: tsavaser@vassar.edu
CEO Incentives and Bank Risk over the Business Cycle


Tarelli Andrea, Lioui Abraham
Email: andrea.tarelli@unicatt.it
Money Illusion- A Rationale for the TIPS Puzzle


Tartaroglu Semih, Imhof Michael, Watanabe Olena
Email: semih.tartaroglu@wichita.edu
Synchronicity and Stock Price Informativeness- Evidence from the European Union s Transparency Directive


Tran Hai, Turkiela Jason
Email: hai.tran@lmu.edu
Concentration of Power Within Boards of Directors and Variability in Firm Performance


Email: atriant@acg.edu
TEF Disclosure in UK Higher Education- Countersignaling and Ranking Consistency


Trojanowski Grzegorz, Shaukat Amama
Email: g.trojanowski@ex.ac.uk
Inter-Relations among Corporate Environmental Performance Environmental Disclosures Financial Performance and Risk


Tsekeris Athanasios, Hillier David, McColgan Patrick
Email: athanasios.tsekeris@ntu.ac.uk
One Size Fits All? The Effectiveness of Incentive Compensation in Public Acquisitions


Tsyplakov Sergey, Allen N. Berger,Charles P. Himmelberg,Raluca A. Roman
Email: sergey@moore.sc.edu
Bank Bailouts, Bail-ins, or No Regulatory Intervention? A Dynamic Model and Empirical Tests of Optimal Regulation


Tu Jun, Chu Liya, Wenyun Shi
Email: tujun@smu.edu.sg
Keynes Meets Merton- Examining Risk and Return Relation Based on Fundamentals


Turnbull Shann
Email: sturnbull@mba1963.hbs.edu
Is a stable financial system possible?




Urquhart Andrew, Sakkas Athanasios
Email: aju1y12@soton.ac.uk
Basking in Reflected Glory and Stock Returns




Vagenas-Nanos Evangelos, Dutordoir Marie, Verwijmeren Patrick, Wu Betty
Email: evangelos.vagenas-nanos@glasgow.ac.uk
A Run-down of Merger Target Run-ups


Vedrashko Alexander, Michaely Roni, Rubin Amir, Segal Dan
Email: awv@sfu.ca
Lured by the Consensus- The Implications of Treating All Analysts as Equal


Verschoor Willem, Zwinkels Remco, Pieterse-Bloem Mary, Qian Zhaowen
Email: w.f.c.verschoor@vu.nl
Dynamic Portfolio Strategies in the European Corporate Bond Market


Vitkova Valeriya, Sudarsanam Sudi, Kyriazis Dimitris
Email: valeriya.vitkova.2@city.ac.uk
Impact of inter-country differences in shareholder rights regimes on formation of hedge fund wolf-packs campaign outcomes and target shareholder value gains


Volonte Christophe, Kind Axel
Email: christophe.volonte@unibas.ch
Locally-Rooted Directors




Wang Xuewu, Seyhun Nejat, Yan Zhipeng
Email: xuewu.wang@ou.edu
Insider Trading and Anchoring Bias


Wang Ashley, Jiang Hao, Li Dan
Email: ashley.wang@frb.gov
Dynamic Liquidity Management by Corporate Bond Mutual Funds


Wang Zhao, Luo Xin, Jiang Tianqi, Zhang Fan
Email: zhaowang@uri.edu
Institutional Ownership and Market Risk Disclosures


Wang Huamao
Email: h.wang@kent.ac.uk
Stock Returns under Intermediary Investment


Wang Zexi, Bennett Benjamin, Garvey Gerald, Milbourn Todd
Email: zexi.wang@ifm.unibe.ch
Managerial Compensation and Stock Price Informativeness


Wang Zhenping
Email: zwang96@emory.edu
Forecasting Earnings from Early Announcers- A Latent Factor Approach


Wang Liu, Maxfield Sylvia
Email: lwang@providence.edu
The Impact of Socially Responsible Investing- What Can We Learn from Different Performance Measures?


Weissensteiner Alex, Dangl Thomas
Email: alex.weissensteiner@unibz.it
Long-term asset allocation under time-varying investment opportunities- Optimal portfolios with parameter and model uncertainty


Werner Richard, Mkhaiber Achraf
Email: richard.werner@linacre.ox.ac.uk
Funding of small firms: Are big banks less helpful and has the crisis changed this?


Wilson John, Chronopoulos Dimitris, Anna L. Sobiech
Email: jsw7@st-andrews.ac.uk
The Real Effects of Bank Taxation


Wu Jian
Email: jian.wu@neoma-bs.fr
How do CoCo bonds impact a bank s shareholder wealth?


Wu Xi
Email: xw1258@nyu.edu
Liquidity Windfalls and Bank Reporting Quality- Evidence from Shale Booms


Wu Alan Z.X., Wang George H. K., Zheng Hui
Email: loveaf1225@hotmail.com.tw
Extreme Market Condition High-Frequency Trading and Liquidity


Wu Wen-Lin
Email: wlwu@fcu.edu.tw
The Impact of National Culture on Working Capital Management


Wu Meng-Wen, Shen Chung-Hua
Email: mwwu@mail.ntpu.edu.tw
Capital Suspicious and Capital Trustable Banks- Sources of Pre- and Post-Crisis Performance and Risk-taking




Xiao Yajun, Feng Xu
Email: yajun.xiao@ucd.ie
Leverage Risk and Shadow Banks- Intermediary Asset Pricing in China




Yang Antti, Verwijmeren Patrick
Email: a.yang@ese.eur.nl
The Fluctuating Maturities of Convertible Bonds


Yi Long, Hwang Chuan-Yang, Wong Kit Pong
Email: jasonyi@hkbu.edu.hk
What Explains the Dispersion Effect? Evidence from Exogenous Variation in Institutional Ownership


Yildirim Yildiray, Sumit Agarwal,Brent W. Ambrose,Jian Zhang
Email: yildiray.yildirim@baruch.cuny.edu
Risk Retention and Qualified Commercial Mortgages




Zakriya Mohammed
Email: mohammed.zakriya@esade.edu
Sustain and Deliver- Capturing the Valuation Effects of Corporate Sustainability


Zer Ilknur, Aramonte Sirio, Scotti Chiara, Zer Ilknur
Email: ilknur.zerboudet@frv.gov
The effect of large macro surprises on mutual funds liquidity profile


Zhang Haofei
Email: haofei.zhang@mail.utoronto.ca
Product market competition and corporate governance- substitutes or complements? Evidence from CEO duality


Zhang Xiang
Email: xiangzhang@swufe.edu.cn
Proliferation of Anomalies and Zoo of Factors- What does the Hansen-Jagannathan Distance Tell Us?


Zhang Ran, Maria Boutchkova, Angelica Gonzalez
Email: Ran.Zhang@ed.ac.uk
Ownership Complexity and Return Predictability


Zhang Xiqian
Email: pm683@outlook.com
Does vertical specialization matter for cross-border acquisitions?


Zhang Aoran, Kooli Maher, Walker Thomas
Email: aoran.zhang@concordia.ca
Venture Capitalists and the Dual-track Harvest Strategy


Zhang Haoran, Jimmy Hilliard
Email: hzz0017@auburn.edu
Regulatory Soft Interventions in the Chinese Market- Compliance Effects and Impact on Option Market Efficiency


Zhao Jing, Hsin-I Chou, Xiaofei Pan
Email: j.zhao@latrobe.edu.au
Executive Pay Disparity and Cost of Debt Financing


Zhao Sheng, Moreira Fernando, Wang Tong
Email: s1402430@sms.ed.ac.uk
The Relationship among Sovereign Ratings Bank Ratings and Bank Performances Evidence from European Commercial Banks


Zhao Xiaofeng, Firth Michael, Lin Chen, Sonia Man-lai Wong
Email: x4zhao@ln.edu.hk
Hello Is Anybody There? Corporate Accessibility for Outside Shareholders as a Signal of Agency Problems